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Rolex Submariner Replica Watch Department (BWD) has made a surprising rise in the last year. The aftermarket bespoke customiser of luxury watches is now the official customizers for LVMH, Zenith and TAG Heuer. We at Revolution were so impressed by George Rolex Submariner Replica and the incredible turnaround of his company that we awarded him the Revolutionary of the year 2017 award.

BWD continues on the path it began with Dover Street Market. The new BWD x Fragment El Primero was designed by BWD in collaboration Hiroshi Fujwara, of the famed streetwear design company Fragment.

It is a stunning piece of design and a clear example of how a designer can transform a Zenith El Primero from a blank canvas into something truly transcendental.Rolex Submariner Replica The dial design is what gives the watch a completely different look and feel. It retains the original steel case and strap, but the dial's design has a profound effect on its emotional and aesthetically.

What we call the establishment watch industry is getting closer. What is your current role?

The writing is on wall. As time passes, luxury and bespoke will become increasingly intertwined. Now, look at luxury shopping. Most luxury boutiques will ask, "Would this be personalized?" I could list 20 brands who offer some sort of customization, such as adding your initials or changing colors to suit the customer. I think personalization is going to become more widespread and it won't cost you a fortune. Our pricing is actually the same as what I would pay for a watch.

How much will your watches cost over a brand-new watch?

Look at that watch. It costs 6,000 CHF, or about 8500 GBP.Rolex Milguass Replica Watches The price of a new, unmodified model is around 7000 GBP. That's 1.2 times more expensive.

It's a very good deal. Your watches used to cost about three times as much as a brand-new, unmodified one. How did you achieve this lower price?

Our team has become more professional and our processes have improved. We have spent a lot of money and time perfecting our work to a level that we are satisfied with. Now we can take on bigger projects and do more successful ones like the BWD x Fragment Zenith El Primero.

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